What's love
got to do with it?

"LOVE" simply and best describes how we approach our work everyday. We LOVE making you smile with every tasty bite, every satisfying sip, every memorable visit. Come experience Brutus Love firsthand and we promise we'll work hard to make it worth your while.

Origins of Maximus
Build it and they will come.
Like a book, every restaurant has a story to tell.  The House of Brutus was conceived by a creative director working at a local advertising agency, who having no formal restaurant or cooking experience decided to open a place for (as he coined it) the "rest of us". The ambitious rookie restauranteur had visited many countries around the world on projects and upon returning home would often wonder why Guam didn't have a casual restaurant and bar that fused great food, a full bar, a modern setting all with LIVE music at its core.
Being a creative director he knew that the design of the room was just as important as the food on the plate. Being a brand expert, he set out to create a unique restaurant and bar concept that would be comfortable enough to visit daily but still have the sophistication of a memorable destination.
The food is a very important component of the restaurant because food never really goes out of style. Anyone can serve drinks  (bars come and go) — it was purposeful that we not be viewed as bar with food - but rather a restaurant with a bar. If customers are hooked on our food, then the rest comes easy."
The House of Brutus (aka. HOB or Brutus), often time is hard for anyone to describe because it offers so much variety of products. For some it's a great café, as Brutus boasts over two dozen espresso-based specialty coffees that would keep up not just with the Joneses but probably with Starbucks too. Every cup is made fresh to order (no drip coffee here), ILLY coffee beans are grounded, tapped and pressurized through a high-grade espresso machine and made into a delicious rich flavored coffee.
For others, it's a cozy restaurant serving up tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner specials. From burgers, rice bowls, hearty salads and even curry — the Brutus menu gives you enough variety to visit everyday without getting bored. Be sure to leave some room for dessert. Brutus features signature desserts like its decadent espresso-chocolate lava cake (aka. soufflé), deep-fried crunchy apple pie and good old fashioned milkshakes
Last but certainly not least, Brutus since 2005 has become ubiquitous with live jazz and swanky lounging. Offering live music nights weekly, Brutus offers a great atmosphere to celebrate special events, entertain clients and get out on a date with a loved one. Featuring a full bar including the café menu, milkshakes and fresh juice - it's the perfect place whether you're the life of the party or the designated driver.
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